Have access to FREE TV | Download .apk file for free TV

Hey Guys whats going on In today’s video I am gonna show you How to download free TV Directly into your mobile phone so that you can Access the Tv whenever you want for that you need to go in to a site called store.mdcgate.com and once after going into that you can see there are lot of applications Depending up on in which country you are you can download the application for example if you are in UK you can Download the UK TV If you are in US you can Download the US Tv like that there are lot of applications available and you can use to which mobile phone or to which interface you want that application to be downloaded and my mobile phone is android so i am clicking on android and if you want to search any application specifically , Then you can search , Now i am downloading this application once you clicked on Download APK file a .apk file will be downloaded.once that application got downloaded Open that application and then you can see that there are lot of channels available and each and every channel might not be working , and that’s it guys thank you , please SUBSCRIBE to this youtube channel for more videos like this


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