How to get saved from “copy righted content symbol alert” for your videos in youtube

Hey guys what’s going on this is your youtube content creator SRI GADIRAJU and in this video i am gonna show you how to remove the youtube’s content violation rules symbol from your video that is for example let’s say you have uploaded a video in youtube and that music is owned by somebody else and then if you want to remove the copy right symbol from this video that is saying includes copy righted content you need to go into this video click on includes copyrighted content text and after that you can be redirected in to a page in this page you can see in the copy right section copyrighted content was found in your video and the person who owns this content is allowing us to content our content to be allowed in youtube However , ads might appear on it and the content creator who owns this audio / video will be getting this money and if you want to make sure that you have removed the content violation rule from your video you can remove the song by that means you can remove the content ID of his … or else you can over lay a new audio that is by replacing with a new audio you can be saved from the content violation rule so that you will be getting paid for this video from this time onwards and let’s do it for example let me say i am going to add this song Now the content violated ICON will be eliminated from that video but it will take some time because the edits will be in process once the editing is completed then you can see there is no such symbol as content claimed or else includes copy righted content and from this time onwards you will be getting paid rather than the person who owns this audio or video and thank you guys Hope you guys like the video and SUBSCRIBE to this channel for more intresting videos like this and if you have any queries then let me know in the comments section below Thank you subscribe to SRI GADIRAJU channel
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