Record any laptop screen easily for free


Hey guys whats’s going on this is your youtube content creator SRI GADIRAJU and in today’s video i am gonna show you how to record your PC’s screen by making use of the power point presentation for this you need to open the power point presentation and here you can see a option called INSERT in the menu section once you click on insert there will be lot of options available and in the ending you can see there is an option called screen recording you need to click on that screen recording and it will record your computer screen and related audio before inserting the recording on to your slide and after that once you are done with recording simply use the command window + shift + Q by making use of the command ” window + shift + Q ” the recorded video will be saved in this slide itself and after the video is saved in the slide we need to go into the file and then click on save as and after that we need to browse a directory and in that we need to save the file as .mp4 format and after that it will be saved as a video format and that’s it guys Thank you for watching Hope you guys like the video and subscribe to this channel for more intresting videos like this and don’t forget to hit the like button and do share this video in your social media websites like facebook and whatsapp Thank you and share this .


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